Women in Engineering Ghana (WinE) has extended congratulatory messages to Ing. Harriette Amissah-Arthur, for being adjudged the best woman in Energy Excellence at the Forth Ghana Energy Award ceremony held in Accra on October 31, 2020.

In a congratulatory message signed by the President of WinE, Ing. Dr. Enyonam Kpekpena, she said Women in Engineering Ghana are proud to have it current Chair of the Council, the founder and first President, Ing. Harriette Amissah-Arthur, honoured with the Woman in Energy Excellence award.

Ing. Harriette Amissah-Arthur is the Executive Partner and co-founder of Arthur Energy Advisors (AEA), with over 30 years of energy sector experience in public, private and development sectors.

Her expertise includes project management, conceptualization and development, technical and organisational troubleshooting and redress, energy enterprise and rural energy development, and power system operation.

Women in Engineering congratulate Harriette Amissah-Arthur
Ing. Harriette Amissah-Arthur

As the founder and first President of Women in Engineering Ghana (WinE), Ing. Harriette has mentored generations of female Engineers in Ghana and has been a pillar of the organization.

As a fellow of the Ghana Institute of Engineering, Ing. Harriette has held the mantle high in engineering practice in Ghana, executing many developmental projects in the energy sector.

The Ghana Energy Awards aims to recognise the efforts, innovation and excellence stalwarts within the energy sector and to celebrate the tremendous work of the players competing under various categories of the awards.

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