Actress Yvonne Nelson has gotten some Ghanaians questioning her recent posts on Twitter and the motives behind them.

In a series of tweets, the actress posted some pictures and a video she took with fellow actor John Dumelo years ago.

It is no secret that the two are friends, however, some people believe there might be more behind these posts.

Why? Because the actress, after each post, would add a heart emoji to them.

In one she wrote ‘JoVon’ a blend of both their first names John and Yvonne.

Most often than not, couples in movies who attract the attention of viewers are given a relationship name. In the TV series “The Originals”, the characters Klaus and Camille, who were madly in love with each other were given the ship-name “Klamille”.

When a couple is relation-shipped together, it signifies the strength of their relationship.

“Why does Yvonne Nelson keep posting kissing pictures of she and Dumelo? No respect for his marriage?(sic)” One Twitter user quizzed.

Meanwhile, some believe that the actress’ account might have been hacked especially since they view her posts as unusual.

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