Zonta Ghana is set to embark on an aggressive education and sensitisation campaign in schools to create awareness among girls about teenage pregnancy.

The international service organisation which is committed to the advancement of the status of women expressed concern about the alarming rate of teenage girls getting pregnant in the country.

Citing figures released by the Ghana Health Service, Zonto Ghana stated that 301 girls are impregnated every day while 13 teenage pregnancies are recorded every hour. And a total of 109,888 teenage pregnancies were recorded in 2020.

“These figures should make any adult cringe to know how the rights of our girls are being violated. Their basic right to life is hijacked, their right to education is stolen while their right to development is sabotaged by the perpetrators while parents and society look on.

“Girls, as tender as 10 years of age are being defiled by irresponsible maniacs and somebody must rise up and speak for these intimidated girls.

“Somebody must protect our girls and somebody must ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book,” the statement read.

The Organisation, therefore, hopes that its sensitisation programme can have a significant impact and transform the current trend of teenage pregnancy and school dropouts.

Zonta Ghana further called on parents, teachers, government, and other relevant stakeholders to support the course.

“ZONTA Ghana has assumed the responsibility to ensure that No girl is denied their right to education because of under-age pregnancy.

“We also call on the Government, Parents, Churches, Opinion Leaders, PTAs and CSOs to join in this sensitization campaign to drive the message home…to the point where our girls can say NO to sex and the perpetrators can be brought to book.”