The Volta Regional Minister has disclosed that a total of 100 persons have been arrested in connection with the recent attacks by suspected separatist groups in some parts of the Volta region.

The arrested persons include a member of the group who led a team of policemen to retrieve some of the stolen items from 2 Police Stations in Aveyime and Mepe.

Dr Archibald Letsa disclosed on JoyNews’ The Pulse that the arrests were possible because of the efforts of National Security Operatives as well as citizens of the Volta Region.

“17 people were arrested on Sunday. I would say that in total about 100 have been arrested,” he said.

This comes after a viral video of Police retrieving firearms from a suspected member of the secessionist group surfaced on social media.

In the video, a company of policemen is seen marching through a pathway in a bush with the suspect to where the rifles had been buried.

The items including at least two rifles wrapped in a black plastic bag were dug out of the ground where they had been hidden.

Dr Letsa further disclosed that 14 ‘AK-47’ rifles, 3 pump-action guns, 1 pistol, a shotgun, and some other weapons were also retrieved from the exercise.

He added that investigations are still ongoing as the arrested persons are being interrogated.

“The appropriate actions will be taken against them,” he added.