Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama says President Akufo-Addo’s inability to manage the expectations of people has made him deliver little of his heaven on earth.

“One of the things that I said after Nana Addo took over was that one of the main challenges he would face is how to manage people’s expectations.

“This is because he raised expectations so high in both spoken and unspoken, verbal and nonverbal communications, it gave an impression that he was going to change Ghana into heaven, and he actually said it,” he said.

According to Mr. Mahama, the President was to accept that change comes at a gradual process and through hard work.

“Change will come gradually not overnight. That is why you need to manage the expectations and let the people know that it will take handwork, it will take unity of purpose for us to be able to change our country,” he added.

The former President also criticised the Akufo-Addo led government for deceiving the people of Ghana by declaring some already existing projects as an initiative of the One District, One Factory policy.

“You give money they build a fence wall and you go and put One District One Factory when the people ask where is the factory you say this one, and the people will say but this factory was there before you came into office,” he said.

Speaking during a virtual interview on Woezor TV in Cape Coast, he stressed that the NDC only promises realistic projects which are achievable and do not raise expectations.

“Managing people’s expectations is important. The point is that our projects and what we promise to do is realistic so they can see that it has to do with what is achievable” he stated.