President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has praised the Ghana Police Service for what he described as the professional manner in which they conduct themselves.

Singling out the success of the December 7, 2016 general elections and the handling of recent disturbances at Bimbilla in the Northern Region, the President praised the police personnel for their service to the country.

"I commend you sincerely…that is what the nation expects of you, that you acquitted yourself creditably," he said when he addressed the Ghana Police Service 2016 Annual Get-Together in Accra.

The Police Service is one of the many national security services that continue to receive a backlash from the citizens for the way they handle issues in the country. The Service is perceived to be riddled with graft and rogue elements who take the law into their own hands.

Police personnel are largely believed to extort money from motorists.

Akufo-Addo lauds police for role in peaceful Dec polls, swift Bimbilla intervention

New IGP David Asante Apeatu with President Akufo-Addo

There are also issues of police brutality with victims and their families often complaining that no punitive measures are taken against rogue personnel who maim innocent citizens. Also, complaints of unprofessional conduct of police personnel in controlling and dispersing crowd in the country have dominated media discussions.

However, the Service has its positive side. It continues to maintain law and order in the country despite the dangers police officers face sometimes from armed groups.

The Service collaborates with the media and civil societies to clamp down on activities of armed groups and anti-human trafficking groups.

Also, the contribution of the police to the maintenance of orderliness during elections in the country cannot be overemphasised. Despite some minor security infractions recorded at the polls, the personnel continue to distinguish themselves.

Being a product of the December 7 polls, President Akufo-Addo thanked the police personnel for making the country proud despite reports of mayhem at some of the centers.

Akufo-Addo lauds police for role in peaceful Dec polls, swift Bimbilla intervention

A picture of Regent of Bimbilla with his elders during a visit by the Northern Regional House of Chiefs days after the clashes

He also thanked them for the way they handled the Bimbilla chieftaincy clashes that led to the death of 10 residents largely women.

"The nation is grateful for the speed with which you have brought the Bimbilla issue under control," he said.

The President also thanked three former Inspector Generals of Police (IGP) who were in attendance – John Kudalor and Peter Nanfuri and C. O Lante – for their services to Ghana.

"The Police Service is where it is today as a result of the solid job you did," the President told them drawing applause from the gathered personnel. "I know that mother Ghana will continue to draw on your expertise."

President Akufo-Addo also used the opportunity to assure acting IGP David Asante Apeatu that he would confirm his appointment in the coming week when the Council of State is sworn in.

"I am expecting that next week that acting part of your life will go away as it will also be for the other leaders of our security forces," he said.