President Akufo-Addo has encouraged the Volta River Authority (VRA) to explore the development of a hydro site on the Oti River in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy.

He said this at Akuse-Lower Manya Krobo in the Eastern Region while commissioning Kpong’s Power Plant Retrofit Project.

“Our commitment to the Electricity sector includes our obligation to the global efforts on climate change. Government will continue to support renewable energy development such as hydro, solar and wind.

“The Pwalugu Multipurpose Dam, Lawra and Kaleo’s power plants buttress this point,” he says.

The Kpong Power project has the potential to save an estimated 400,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in a year and provide uninterrupted Carbon-free electricity.

He commended the Contractor, VRA, and the consultants for having completed the project within a reasonable time frame despite Covid-19 constraints.

He also launched 500,000 improved cookstoves to scale up the use of LPG in households, since according to him, having all households switch to the use of LPG will be difficult in the short term.

According to him, these improved and efficient fuel stoves are interim measures until such time when all households eventually migrate to LPG or electricity as the main fuel for cooking.

“The use of these new and efficient charcoal stoves coupled with the ongoing afforestation programs have the potential to reduce significantly the emission of carbon dioxide and the rate of deforestation in the country,” he said.