An ardent listener of Joy FM has decried the economic hardship currently being endured by the ordinary Ghanaian.

Nana, who called from Soko City, said Ghanaians are suffering under the current administration.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Friday, he said “this economy that is currently being run by this Finance Minister is going to kill us. You recently introduced e-levy and I can tell you that e-levy has impacted every facet of our lives.

“Every day you don’t hear any positive news. The only news we hear is our hardships aggravating. Transport fares have also increased [significantly] and you want to increase electricity tariffs by 148% and water tariffs by 300%? That is serious!” he lamented.

He, thus, entreated President Akufo-Addo to gather his cabinet “and put it in their face that the economy is hard for Ghanaians to survive.”

“To me, I’ll suggest to the President that he will be remembered for the kind of hardship he’s sending Ghanaians through. He made all manner of speeches before he assumed power but right now, it appears the President doesn’t listen to radio and TV anymore so he doesn’t hear the cries of the people.

“People who receive monthly salaries are crying. Where I live, about 85% of people here have nothing to rely on at the end of the month. So can’t the NPP gurus and the economists in the party speak to the President that, the kind of economy that he is running is going to kill Ghanaians?” he bemoaned.

His comment was part of discussions on the decision by the Electricity of Ghana (ECG) and the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWLC) to increase tariffs by 148% and 300% respectively.

This also comes on the back of the increase in the price of fuel and transport fares.

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