Moses Foh-Amoaning

One of the anti-LGBTQ+ campaigners, Moses Foh Amoaning, has led a team from the National Coalition for Proper Sexual Rights and Family Values to thank the Apostolic Church for its unflinching support towards the campaign.

He took on the group of eminent Ghanaians who publicly declared their opposition to the Bill, spelling out tough sanctions for persons engaged in LGBTQ+ activities and those who support it.

He accused them of being part of a grand agenda to introduce the practice in Ghana.

“It’s an agenda. So when you see professors coming together and saying that religion does not matter – human rights, as if they don’t have a religion. But atheism is also a religion”, he told the conference.

The ongoing national debate on implementing a law against LGBTQ+ activities in the country is once again in the spotlight.

Last week, senior Clergy of the Apostolic Church for the Ascension marched to Parliament to protest against advocacy for LGBTQ+ activities and asked for the bill to be passed.

In December 2013, to provide what Amoaning says is a reasonable response to the LGBTQ+ agenda.

“Let me explain why, because people say we those engaged in this process, we hate. We are intolerant. Is that not sad?” he questioned.

“When they do this and get their anus destroyed, and you tell those of us who spend our hard-earned money to repair the damage – and it costs us about ¢600 to ¢700 per person for the hormonal test. How are you able to accuse us of hatred? What is the meaning of hate?”

President of the Apostolic Church of Ghana, Dr Aaron Nartey Ami-Narh, urged Parliament to pass the Bill on the Promotion of Proper Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values to save the current and future generations.

In an exclusive interview held during the ongoing Ascension Ministers’ Conference in Accra, he rejected claims that the religious bodies and the many Ghanaians who oppose LGBTQ+ activities are spreading hate.

“From what I’ve heard people say in town, that the churches hate people who have different sexual preferences. We don’t have anyone. On the contrary, I believe the church is showing a lot of love, and the church is showing a lot of understanding.” 

“We are not blaming anyone for how they feel. No one can punish anyone for how anyone feels. But you are responsible for what you do with your feelings.

We are not against anyone’s rights, we want to protect our nation, and we ask ourselves, what is safe for this nation, what is right in the sight of God?”

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