Dr. Elvis Baidoo (2nd from left)- MD of AsaaseGPS Limited, Cllr. Nthabeleng Nts’asa- Mayor of Maseru Municipal Council (3rd from left), Chairman of Afrifanom Group-Nana Osei Afrifa (4th from left) with some members of the Maseru Municipal Council

AsaaseGPS Limited, a wholly owned Ghanaian software development company and a subsidiary of Afrifanom Group, has signed a partnership agreement with the Maseru Municipal Council and Future Systems Ltd to provide the capital of Lesotho with a new and effective digital addressing system.

In attendance at the signing ceremony were; Mayor of Maseru Municipal Council, Nthabeleng Nts’asa, Minister of Communications, Science & Technology, Ts’oinyana S. Rapapa, Minister of Education and Training, Mamookho Phiri, Chairman of Afrifanom Group, Nana Osei Afrifa, AsaaseGPS Managing Director, Dr Elvis Baidoo, and Representatives of Future Systems among other dignitaries.

Speaking at the signing on ceremony, Minister of Communication Science and Technology, Ts’oinyana S. Rapapa, highlighted the government’s main goal to set a solid foundation to formalise the country’s economy starting with a proper and effective addressing system in the Maseru Municipality and gradually spreading it to other parts of the country. 

He further stated that the major economic benefits for a country with a proper and effective addressing system are enormous to its people and serve as a catalyst in growing the private sector and formalising the economy.

Commenting on the agreement, Chairman of Afrifanom Group, Nana Osei Afrifa noted that, “We are excited to have this strategic partnership with the City Council acting on behalf of the people of Maseru. We have developed an addressing system that creates a compelling and sustainable value for the provision of accurate data to improve service delivery and assist in formulating appropriate policies which will create opportunities and accelerate growth for the city of Maseru and Lesotho as a whole.” 

AsaaseGPS gives Lesotho's capital a new digital addressing system
Nana Osei Afrifa – Chairman of Afrifanom Group

He further stated that “We believe that while we stay focused on our core business, leveraging on the strength of Maseru City Council and Future Systems Ltd, we would ensure scalability and integration of add-on services and compatibility with postcodes within the Maseru district and eventually help accelerate the economic development of Lesotho”.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor of Maseru Municipal Council, Cllr. Nthabeleng Nts’asa observed that the partnership provides many opportunities to unlock the enormous potential of the City of Maseru citing that this would improve property ownership data and bring efficiency to service delivery in the city.

She noted that “This partnership demonstrates the commitment of the Maseru Municipality towards digitalization. We have taken a cue from the gains that Ghana has made in the past few years after launching their national digital addressing system. We are excited about this new addressing system because it’s a game-changer for our business landscape which will lead to a formalised economy.

AsaaseGPS Managing Director, Dr. Elvis Baidoo said AsaaseGPS continues to identify innovative approaches to partnerships that enable it to stay at the forefront of consumer trends in the software and IT industry.  

“For many years, we have developed solutions that best add value by enhancing business delivery and cutting-edge technology initiatives to our partners and customers.”r

AsaaseGPS is the world’s first official digital addressing system for countries. It is a location-based system which provides the most effective means of addressing every location and place in the world.


About Asaase GPS:

AsaaseGPS is a global addressing system which has been built with the idea of providing the world with an effective means to uniquely identify every location. The addressing is based on the system’s ability to grid the world into 5 x 5-meter squares and assigning each of these squares a unique address. The resultant address is known as a digital address which is made up of a postcode and a unique address. This addressing system is the world’s first official digital addressing system for countries.