Ghana’s aviation space is ready to brace the challenges and opportunities of travels in 2021.

Already, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCCA) has revealed that it has lost nearly 95% of its revenue income due to the novel Coronavirus that inflicted ban on foreign travel.

But since a vaccine has been manufactured, flights have resumed amid high expectations for this year.

So what lies ahead for aviation in Ghana, Sean Mendis is an aviation expert and the former Chief Operating Officer of Africa World Airlines, and has made a list of  five key developments that will boost the aviation space this year.

Top 5 Trends in Air Travel in 2021

1) Biosecurity is here to stay.

The need for vaccinations, tests, enhanced sanitary protocols, etc. before traveling, especially internationally will become mainstream.

2) Domestic and regional travel will see a boost.

People are more likely to travel closer to home as borders reopen, usually within their home countries or neighboring countries.

3) Self-service technology will become more prevalent.

People will prefer to book and pay via mobile apps, check-in online, etc. rather than dealing with in person transactions.

4) There will be cheaper travel options in the short term.

Airlines and governments will reduce fares and taxes in order to incentivize travel.

There also will be excellent deals for those willing to travel in the early stages of the recovery.

5) Catering is on the way out.

As people focus more on the need for sanitary travel, airlines will migrate from product differentiation through the legacy model of generic on-board catering.

Expect to see more partnerships between airlines and food service brands, as catering becomes a value added offering rather than a part of the air product itself.

Domestic aviation rebounds

The domestic aviation is experiencing a rebound after taking a hit from the covid-19 pandemic.

The rebound is attributed to activities related to the just ended elections.

Industry watchers expect a busy few weeks ahead with the launch of the “Beyond the Return” initiative which would attract tourists and as the holiday season approaches.