It was certainly a tough battle for St Augustine’s College, Accra Academy and Kumasi Secondary Technical when they met to fight for a slot at the semi-finals of the National Maths and Science Quiz (NSMQ).

But the dream of winning the NSMQ trophy back to back did not come through for St Augustine’s College after ending the competition with 50 points – three points less than the winning school.

Although Accra Academy ended up scoring higher marks every round, the other two schools did not make their win an easy one.

Augusco and Accra Academy schools showed their strengths when they tied with 27 points while Kumasi Sec. Tech followed with 17 points.

The competition only got tougher at round two – the speed race. In this Round, any contestant could buzz in if they knew the answer to the question.

The Accra Academy Boys led the round with 36 points, three strong points ahead of Augusco who finished with 33 and Kumasi Sec Tech left with 17 points.

In Round Three, it was up to the boys to solve the Problem of the Day which had a reward of 10 points. Getting all 10 points or the highest score would be a good boost for each school.

Kumasi Sec Tech led the round with eight points. Augusco, however, ended the round with only one point and the boys from Accra Academy managed to grab four points.

At the end of the Round, Accra Academy was leading with 40 points, St Augustine’s followed closely with 34 and Kumasi Sec Tech with 25.

To ensure that the next two rounds were a win for them, St Augustine brought in another strong contestant Bless Bonso Yaw to replace Calvin Fiifi Andoh.

The Round Four which comes with True or False questions but to dissuade students from guessing, a point is deducted when one gets the answer wrong was a rough ride.

Bless may have come in strong for Augusco and Kumasi Sec Tech picked up their pace, but Accra Academy maintained the lead when they finished the round with 50 points.

Following closely with 44 points was St Augustine’s college and Kumasi Sec Tech coming in with 38 points.

The fifth and final round or call it the Riddles Round proved challenging for the winning school when St Augustine kept catching up with Accra Aca in points.

With a tie of 50 points each, St Augustine and Accra Academy were up for the last riddle that could make or break them.

“I am a fluid like substance, I am neither liquid nor gas I am composed of positive and…” the quiz mistress Dr Elsie Kauffman began reading but before she could end Marcellinus Agbenyegah Auyeh buzzed in.

For answering “Plasma” Accra Academy won three points securing them a spot at the semi-finals of the competition.

The photo finish saw St Augustine’s College end the competition with 50 points and Kumasi Sec Tech ending with 38 points.

The dream of going home with the trophy for the second time, for now, will be a mirage for the Cape Coast school while Accra Academy continues to redeem their image in the competition.

And oh the Bleoo Boys also have bought themselves a one-year bragging right for being the shark slayers!