Barclays Bank Ghana, part of the Absa Group, has been adjudged Bank of the Year at the 3rd Chamber Business Awards organised by the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI).

The award, the GNCCI said, is in recognition of Barclays’ “excellent and outstanding performance in the year 2018”. This includes both financial and non-financial measures such as operational excellence, good governance, business sustainability and its overall strong performance which contributed to the bank being the most profitable bank for the second consecutive year.

Earlier this year the bank was named the Overall Best Bank in the Ghana Banking League and also as the Bank of the Year at the Ghana Business Awards. Internationally, the 2019 Euromoney Cash Management Survey Awards recognised the bank as the winner of the Market Leader Award as well as the Overall Best Service in Ghana.

Barclays at Mining Awards

Photo: Team Barclays showcasing their award and citation

Commenting on the award, the Corporate and Investment Banking Director, Mrs. Ellen Ohene-Afoakwa said: “We are honoured to be adjudged the best bank in Ghana. It is a demonstration of the commitment and hard work our team continue to put in to make our business more client-focused while providing the best solutions to help our clients realise their possibilities. Our consistent high performance and sustainable growth confirm our resilience and unique position as a trusted financial partner”.

“As we rebrand to Absa, our customers can look forward to continuous delivery of new and innovative solutions relevant to their unique needs” Mrs. Ohene-Afoakwa added.

The 3rd Chamber Business Awards is an initiative of the GNCCI, which celebrates the very best and impactful organisations and personalities who have demonstrated excellence in business practice.

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