Grace Omoboe popularly known as Maame Dokono

Veteran actress Maame Dokono is warning her colleagues in the entertainment industry to be cautious before venturing into politics or aligning with political parties.

According to her, the success or failure of the party will ultimately have an effect on the individuals’ career and relations.

The actress, born Grace Omaboe, told George Quaye on Showbiz A-Z that producers are unwilling to cast actors who are out and proud about their parties because of fear and backlash.

On the other hand, political parties do not consider creatives as part of them and hence they may suffer a huge setback if the party loses an election, she added.

“If the party loses you will lose everything…If you are in the movie industry you will not be cast because they will always say people will not buy their product, so, they will avoid you.

“When they see you they wouldn’t even come close to you. They’ll say your time has passed and say all sorts of things to you.”

Maame Dokono said that creative art persons usually make money when the party is campaigning but in case of the unfortunate, “you will be left alone.”

She stated that it is important for creatives to not publicly disclose their associations to political parties.

However, the former politician stated that she does not regret joining politics in her later years adding that it taught her a valuable lesson including the famous “fear delegates.”