Mummy Dolarz and Big Ivy

Social media sensation Big Ivy has finally accepted Mummy Dolarz’s offer to battle live on a stage – whether in Ghana or Nigeria.

In her new song, Big Ivy noted that she is ready to move their rap battle from social media to the stage in an event that would see one of them crowned champion.

The two women have been feuding since July 2022.

In the song titled ‘Final Statement’, Big Ivy stated that her Nigerian counterpart cannot claim the Queen of Rap title when she is a comedian.

“Your own be making skits, you know my own be rap. Don’t lose your sense of humour for a crown you cannot have. Like a cartographer, Mama Naira I put you on the map,” she said.

Big Ivy also laughed at Mummy Dolarz’s claims that she (Big Ivy) is famous now because of her, “you know that is crap.”

This comes weeks after Mummy Dolarz told Big Ivy that she was no longer interested in releasing diss tracks targeted at her Ghanaian contender in their ongoing lyrical feud.

In a video posted to Instagram, in August, Mummy Dolarz challenged Big Ivy to a live battle on stage.

According to her, she sees the “cut and join rap” as child’s play and would instead invest her time into a battle where a live audience can judge.

“If you want me to reply you, let’s meet on stage. If you want me to come to Ghana, I will come to Ghana, if you want to come to Nigeria I will be expecting you. Mama Ghana, let’s have a physical battle on stage. Let the audience judge, yes I challenge you, but till then, I am your queen of rap,” she said.

Days later, she released her single Prodigal Daughter claiming the queen of rap title. Mummy Dolarz noted that she is on a higher level than Big Ivy and offered to teach her like she does a school kid.

At the time, Big Ivy had won many hearts with her song Poison Ivy.

The Big Ivy and Mummy Dolarz beef

On Sunday, May 8, CJ Biggerman chose to celebrate his mother in a different and creative way.

He made a beat for her while she rapped about all the things she’s done as a mother amid giving some advice to young women on the song called Big Momma.

Months later, some Nigerians felt Ghana could not display such creativity without being challenged, so they called on their mothers to reply Big Ivy.

When Nigeria’s Mummy Dolarz with the help of her son comedian Oluwadolarz released a track throwing shots at Big Ivy, a new Ghana-Naija beef was officially born.

Big Ivy did not want to be defeated so she went back to the studio and released a new track for Mummy Dolarz called Mama Naira.

But that only added to the already burning flame. Mummy Dolarz returned to her studio and released her track; crowning herself the queen of rap.

However, Big Ivy who did not hesitate to show her rap prowess released Poison Ivy. The song, which is a reply to Nigeria’s Mummy Dolarz, was used by Big Ivy to dish out jabs at her opponent.

Lines like “I’m a Ghana woman with power, something you can’t relate to. Shout out to NEPA, you go blackout. This battle you go back out,” has got her a lot of applause.

Mummy Dolarz although noted she was not interested in releasing a new diss track, dropped ‘Prodigal Daughter’.