Social media users cannot keep still following the ongoing feud between Ghana’s Big Ivy and Naija’s Mummy Dolarz.

The beef resulted when Ghanaian rapper CJ Biggerman made a beat for his mum [Big Ivy] to celebrate her while she rapped about all the things she’s done as a mother.

Some Nigerians felt Ghana could not display enough creativity, therefore, calling on their mothers for a challenge.

Social media reacts to beef between Ghana's Big Ivy and Nigeria's Mummy Dolarz

In regards to this, Nigeria’s Mummy Dolarz with the help of her son comedian Oluwadolarz also released a track throwing shots at Big Ivy. This has now generated a new Ghana-Naija beef.

Of course, beefs aren’t beef without back-to-back shots so, Big Ivy had to reply to Dollars’ shots.

Most comments and tweets flying around approves Big Ivy as the ‘moma’ of the moment – but will Naija’s Mummy Dolarz make her way through the dark tunnel to see the light?

Some are also calling for a concert to be held for both nationals to show off their talents.

Meanwhile, Mummy Dollarz has heard the new track from Big Ivy replying to her diss. The Nigerian woman is readying herself to take another shot.

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