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BOSCH targets Ghana in its new drive to grow brand

Leading global home appliance dealer, BOSCH, is directing efforts at growing its brand in Ghana, a fast-growing economy in Africa.

To this end, the company plans to grow a strong base in Ghana with its infrastructure development and human development strategy, Vice President of BOSCH SIEMENS Home Appliances, Allan Oyier, stated Wednesday, while opening the BOSCH showroom in Accra.

“Ghanaians are most widely exposed people in Africa, brilliant in terms of human resource capacity [and] we will leverage to grow the brand BOSCH in the country,” Allan Oyier said.

He added, BOSCH, previously concentrated activities in South Africa and Morocco, is currently shifting attention to some African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Angola where potential exists for its brand of products.

“It’s renascence of the African continent and we want to be part of that growth agenda where will work with various African governments to ensure that leveraging on brand BOSCH, we can be able to contribute to improving the livelihoods of Africans,” Mr. Oyier explained.

The new BOSCH showroom is located on the Ring Road a few metres after the Danquah Circle at Osu.

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