Chief Executive Officer of Dinbian Foundation, Joyce Ali Najouk has indicated that the call for women empowerment in the Ghanaian society and the world is not an attempt to wrestle power from men.

According to her, Ghanaian women are simply calling for the inclusion of critical decision-making bodies, fairness and equal opportunities irrespective of one’s gender.

Madam Joyce said when women are given a place in the decision-making it will unleash their innate potential and contribute their quota for national development and prosperity.

Call for women empowerment not an attempt to wrestle power from men - Dinbian Foundation

The CEO, who said this at the First National Stakeholders Conference and launching of the Dinbian Magazine in Tamale under the theme, “Empowering the Potentials of the Northern Woman for National Development”, added that women in northern Ghana need equal and equitable distribution of the vast arable land between their male counterparts.

She believes the challenge of the gender disparity society imposes on women has for long shattered many dreams and potentials of endowed women.

The CEO said these woman needs to be encouraged to venture into agriculture and agribusiness as well as other lucrative enterprises across all sectors of the economy.

Call for women empowerment not an attempt to wrestle power from men - Dinbian Foundation

She further explained that women who have had access to parallel and equal opportunities as their male counterparts have broken the glass ceiling to prove to the world that women are capable and can equally do better.

Madam Joyce stated that concerted efforts to empower women will be in vain if young women and girls do not have the conviction and confidence in themselves that they can do it should the opportunity be given them.