A carpenter called to fix a door smashed by a burglar was wrongly arrested when forensic officers mistook his DNA for the thief’s.

Jason Gaspard, 40, cut himself on glass while at the property and officers found his blood the next day, reports The Mirror.

He was called to the police station and thrown in a cell for an hour before officers ¬realised the mistake.

Mr Gaspard, of Hove, East Sussex, criticised officers, accusing them of heavy-handedness and failing to be sincere in their apology to him.

“Stupid isn’t the word – this was ¬ridiculous,” he said.

“It was absolutely mad. I kept thinking what could all this be about.

I was particularly miffed because I had left a lady without water while I went to see the police about it all.”

Mr Gaspard said he may now seek legal advice over the actions of Sussex Police.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “Unknown to officers, the man cut his finger at the scene of the crime and as a result he was arrested by appointment on suspicion of burglary.

“After a short time in custody the man was eliminated from police inquiries and immediately released.

Sussex Police apologise for any inconvenience caused to the man as a result of his arrest.”

Source: orange.com