Founder and Overseer of Action Chapel International

Founder and Overseer of Action Chapel, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has tasked Ghanaians to join him and his congregation in 30-days of fasting and prayer.

This, he explained, is to combine health directories and spiritual powers to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although he has banned congregational activities, the Archbishop says he is taking his sermons to social media throughout the 30-day fasting period.

“Within these 30 days you need to keep hearing the word of God, so I will be addressing you to make sure you are fed every day for the next 30 days till we come together again.”

Duncan-Williams made this revelation when he led Ghanaians in a 34-minute prayer session against the novel coronavirus.

The session was held with only a handful of people in attendance, as directed by President Akufo-Addo.

The church, however, streamed the session online on all their social media handles for all Ghanaians to participate.

Duncan-Williams urged his congregation watching online to strengthen their faith and prayers to help Ghana, which has already recorded six cases, to do away with the virus.

“The coronavirus is a name, a person without body and in the name of Jesus, as we bow our knee and we pray, this plaque, pestilence and virus will bow the knee and stand down and go back to where it came from,” he stated.

Whether the coronavirus is the beginning of the end of the world or a disease purposely made by the enemy, Duncan Williams said neither school of thoughts should bother people as long as they are in good standing with God.