A Cape Coast High Court has sentenced a fisherman to death by hanging for setting ablaze five children, resulting in the death of one child.

The fisherman, Kwabena Amakye, a native of Moree in the Central Region was also sentenced to a three-year prison term for the burns sustained by the other four children.

Joy News’ Central regional Correspondent, Richard Kojo Nyarko, reports that on April 21, 2012, while Amakye was at home resting after a long day of fishing, he was rudely awaken by the playful noise coming from the children, who were in a neighbouring house.

Infuriated by the noise, the fisherman went into his room, developed a bomb with cement papers and premix fuel and threw it in the direction of the noisy children.

“The children suffered severe burns that led to the death of Kwaku Mensah, one of the five children”, Richard explained.

Hannah Taylor, a Chief State Attorney was the prosecutor of the case.