The Deeper Christian Life Ministry will on Saturday, March 22, hold a Youth Empowerment Summit (YES) for youths across the African continent and beyond.

The programme, which is expected to bring millions of young people together to build their spiritual, moral and academic wellbeing, is on the theme: 'Empowerment for Greatness'.

Among the categories of people to benefit from the Youth Empowerment Summit  include students from Junior High, Senior High, Technical and Vocational institutions as well as old-students for a fulfilling time in the presence of God.

The programme  will be anchored by Pastor William F. Kumuyi, Founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry from the church’s international headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, while all other locations of the church across Africa will link up via satellite and the internet.

The National coordinator of Deeper Life Campus Fellowship, Pastor Francis Fosu, underscored the need for the youth to be nurtured in the Lord.

According to him, the number of young people involved in social vices keep increasing in the country “that is why a programme of this nature is a must-attend for everybody as a panacea to the teething problems in recent times”.

On his part, National Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry in Ghana, Pastor John Borham said the society is at a crossroad because the God-factor is a missing element in the lives of millions.

Additionally, he said, the situation of the world today is very terrible because man in his own wisdom, has always sought to do things without God’s input and support.

“Man has devised his own means of making things happen and this has deceived him into believing that without God, all will always be well. The consequence of this is the recurrent back and forth that man has had to go through in seeking answers to his teething problems”, he pointed out.

Citing the debate on homosexuality to buttress his point, Pastor John Borham said man has turned the doctrine of procreation upside down.

“God as the master of creation gave explicit instruction to all to be fruitful and multiply but today, man speaks of things like sexual orientation without thinking about it. He is not a God of contradiction but in man’s own wisdom, God still created some people to be sexually attracted to the same kind”, he noted.

This, notwithstanding, Pastor Borham said ministers of the gospel must be up and doing to nib such sinful practices in the bud.

“A greater burden lies on ministers of the gospel [to up their game] at this time when the desire for material possession has become an enslaving desire even if the means is wrong”, he stressed.