Deputy Health Minister Rojo Mettle Nunoo says malaria patients’ failure to complete the full course of their medication is seriously stalling efforts to eradicate the disease.

He is also worried about the influx of fake malaria drugs on the market.

Rojo Mettle Nunoo who was addressing the launch of an anti-malaria campaign by the Hyundai Motor Company said apart from governments, citizens also have a key responsibility in malaria prevention.

He said while people “gladly receive the mosquito net, they will pack it under their bed or in their suit case. That is not they way to stop malaria”.

The Deputy Minister said he was particularly concerned that pregnant women “who go to hospital and are given mosquito nets to take home do not use the mosquito net”.

Prevention is better than cure, he stated.

The Hyundai Motor Company intends to set aside funds each year for the anti-malaria campaign.

Jihad Hijazi, the Chief Executive, said the programme was intended to last between 3-5 years.

He said this year Hyundai distributors, Auto Plaza Limited, has planned to contribute $150,000 to the fight against Malaria.

Source: Joy News/Ghana