Different ways to style your box braids

Kashia Jabre (YouTube)

Box braids are one hairstyle not only Ghanaian women but black ladies in general across the world love to wear. And they pull it off so easily too!

It is nice having braids whether big or small, it fits everyone. But the one challenge many women have with these braids is how to style them.

Braids can be put in a bun (one of the most popular styles), topped with a hat, put in a ponytail, pulled back, have accessories, half-up half-down, top knot and others.

Many YouTubers have shared videos of how people can style their hair on their own in different ways, for different occasions and at different times.

These are must some styles to try..

Kween Kailah shows viewers how to pull simple styles with jumbo box braids.

Kashia Jabre styles her hair with scarfs and accessories