There appears not be enough dollar cash for the operations of most commercial banks.

Joy Business checks reveal that most of them do not have adequate dollars to meet the demands of some foreign currency holders.

The banks have attributed the short fall to limited supply of the currency by the Bank of Ghana.

The cedi has come under serious pressure due to high demand for the dollars by businesses to cover their import bills.

Some of the banks have told Joy Business they have even received directives from the central bank to limit their dollar transactions.

But a Treasury and Financial Consultant Chris Odamteng told Joy Business the challenge should be seen as part of measures to halt dollarization.

Mr. Odamteng however concedes this might lead to some short term shocks to the economy.

The current challenge could also affect prices of goods and services as most importers might want to pass the high cost of bringing in their goods to consumers.

According to the Bank of Ghana you would need now 2 Ghana Cedis 2 pesewas to get a dollar from the Forex Bureaus.