The Roads Minister, Kwasi Amoako-Attah, has warned persons who intend to steal road fittings and furniture on the newly constructed Pokuase interchange to desist from doing so or the law will catch up with them.

Speaking at the commissioning of the road, he noted, “we have been provided as part of the recommendations of a road safety audit; highway fences, crash barriers, high restriction gantries road signs and markings.” 

He added, “I hope that these vital pieces of road furniture would not be vandalized and stolen for scrap as is being experienced in our country by some criminals and unpatriotic members of our society.”

Don’t steal road furniture on Pokuase Highway - Roads Minister warns

Mr Amoako-Attah, therefore, charged everyone to be on the lookout for what he calls criminal and unpatriotic people and inform the police to deal with them.

The $289 million facility, constructed with funding from the Agricultural Development Bank Group, is expected to ease traffic congestion on the Awoshie-Pokuase stretch significantly.

Some persons living and working in the vicinity have already complained about some ponding in their homes or along the road due to the project.

But the minister assured them when he said, “steps have been taken, and nobody should fear of flooding no matter the intensity of the rainfall.”

Don’t steal road furniture on Pokuase Highway - Roads Minister warns

The Roads Minister also warned authorities at the Ga West Municipal Assembly not to issue permits to persons who intend to erect structures along the newly constructed Pokuase Interchange. 

“I urge the city authorities to make sure they maintain the greenly and flora of the interchange,” he said.

Baring in mind, some traders would want to cash in on the magnificent edifice, the Minister again warned, “I wish to advise the municipal assemble not to issue any permit to anybody to erect any structure or anything in this vicinity.”

To ensure his warning is adequately heeded, Mr Amoako-Atta further noted, adding, “the very day anyone erects a structure, we would pull it down.”