The Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) will from next month start rolling out a new service that, will take a renewal of driver's license to the doorstep of organisations.

Currently, persons that want to renewal their license might have to drive to the offices of DVLA to do that. However, as part of the Authority's plan to reduce the stress individuals go through in renewing their licenses and make their operations business friendly.

The DVLA also hopes to use this service to improve revenue collections. Latest figures from the Authority shows that it has been able to raise ¢48 million in revenue: ¢35 million to the road fund, while ¢13 million goes to the state.

Chief Executive of DVLA, Noble Appiah, says they have gotten two vans with all the needed equipment in readiness to kick-start the new service.    

"It is an added service which charges a little bit more but it is at the people's doorstep. It also ensures that it is genuine with no middle person to take your money," Mr Appiah said.

He told JOY BUSINESS' George Wiafe that he is amazed people pay more than GH¢1000 when the actual fee is not more than GH¢200 because middlemen make a lot of money from it.   

In a related development, the DVLA is also planning to have a dedicated garage at the premises of the Authority, for its premium quick service.