Efutu MCE threatens to beat JoyNews Reporter

The municipal chief executive of the Efuttu municipality Nii Ephraim is in the news again and for all the wrong reasons.

After batting away questions from a discerning electorate during a four-hour town hall meeting, the MCE confronted Joy News reporter and producer Jahou Nyan.

His beef? That Joy News had been unfair to him during coverage over his absence at the previously scheduled town hall meeting.

He claimed that Joy News was trying to disgrace him through the caption ‘Efuttu MCE chickens out from town hall meeting’.

On Friday 25th July 2014, another team went to the Efuttu municipality to seek clarifications on the ‘no show’, since the MCE’s reason that the Presiding member was unaware of an impending town hall meeting, was not satisfactory.

At that meeting, Nii Ephraim told members of the team that they were lucky the producer, Jahou Nyan did not join them on the trip otherwise they would have ‘seen’.

After the town hall meeting the MCE unveiled the threat saying he would have beaten her if she had shown up a week earlier.

Jahou Nyan stood her ground, underscoring the fact that she was a journalist and her job was to report issues as they are.

This seemed to incense Nii Ephraim who went a step further and threatened to beat her there and then.

Seeing the situation escalating, the MCEs entourage bundled him up in a black SUV and ferried him back to the assembly.

The MCE’s protocol officer, Frederick Owusu was left to calm tempers in the wake of events.

In a later phone call, Municipal Coordinating Director, Francis Owusu-Ansah called a colleague to the producer threatened and apologized on behalf of his MCE.

According to Francis Owusu-Ansah, some members of the Assembly will eventually make their way to Accra to express their remorse in person.