The 3 accused persons leaving court on September 7,2021

The Attorney General’s office is preparing for committal proceedings against three people standing trial in the murder of social activist, Ibrahim Mohammed, in Ejura.

The committal proceedings will prepare the grounds for full trial of the accused persons at a higher court.

A duplicate docket has been forwarded to the A-G’s office by the Police prosecution team.

Issakar Ibrahim, also known as Anyars and Fuseini Alhassan, both known NPP Polling Station Executives and Iddi Mohammed, a brother of the late social activist, are accused of murdering Kaaka Macho. 

Lead Prosecutor, Chief Superintendent Kofi Blagodzi told the court that the prosecution is counting on the A-G to begin committal proceedings after acknowledging receipt of the duplicate court docket.

“We confirmed to the court that the docket has gone to the A-G’s office and then counsel from the other side, the accused persons, also confirmed it that he even followed up to the A-G’s office and they said the Police has given the docket to the A-G. Lawyers from the A-G’s office are preparing to come to court to do the committals. You know it’s not the Police who do the committals. It’s the A-G,” Chief Superintendent Kofi Blagodzi told Joy News.

Counsel for the third accused person, Mohammed Iddi had earlier told the court his client had taken ill and had to seek medical care at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. 

Nonetheless, Setutsinam Anaglate is satisfied that his client was allowed to seek medical care.

But what exactly was wrong with Mohammed Iddi, brother of the late Ibrahim Mohammed, also known as Kaaka Macho.

Kaaka’s brother, Nafiu Mohammed explained that, “he was having a fever and was vomiting. So, actually he cannot be detained with such conditions.

So we directed our brother to come and see those in-charge so that he will be sent to hospital. That was done and he was sent to hospital. He was detained. Actually, he was detained at the hospital from the morning and he was discharged around 5:30pm.” 

Meanwhile, the family of Issakar Ibrahim, also known as Anyars, in a first-ever media interview after the arrest of their relative, have expressed trust in the Police to thoroughly investigate the case.

Anyars’ brother, Balla Issakar is hopeful that his brother will walk free when the full trial begins.

“We will not say much. We have since trusted the process. It’s been our fervent prayer that our brother would be exonerated. We have kept quiet all this while because we know they are innocent. This is the first time Anyars and Alhassan families are talking to the media. We are hopeful the court will set them free. Once Police have been investigating, we trust the system.”

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