EL Tov

Ghana’s very own country artiste, El Tov has released his new single, ‘Remember Me, to commemorate Easter.

The song is based on the story of The Penitent Thief or the Good Thief known in Catholicism as Dismas.

He is one of two unnamed thieves in the Biblical book of Luke’s account of the crucifixion of Jesus

The song describes Dismas asking Jesus to “remember him” when Jesus reaches his kingdom.

The other, known as the impenitent thief, also called Gestas challenges Jesus to save himself to prove he is the Messiah.

‘Remember Me’ is El-Tov’s second single since he launched his music career January this year.

He wrote and recorded his first country song, Son of David, a retelling of Jesus’ healing story of blind Barthemeus, in 2014 but released the song in 2020.