Ghana’s country musician, El Tov is set to release a country and alternative songs on Good Friday.

The songs, ‘Roll the Stone’, a mix of poetry and chant, captures the meeting which supposedly took place in heaven before an angel was commanded to roll the stone away from Jesus’ tomb.

The second song, Conquered all, a country, follows up with what the angel told Mary and Mary Magdalene who visited the tomb to finish anointing Jesus’ body.

Before that, El Tov has released the full poem in the song, Roll the stone.

Roll the stone

A meeting was arranged,

Our Lord Jesus among.

He spoke about his reign

Over the earth and man.

A million Lights proclaim

The movements of objects

Within the universe:

Asteroids, the comets.

In you, they are submersed.

The right of elements:

The earth, fire and air.

It’s done, when you were sent.

You’re here, you’re here and there.

Our Lord Jesus Christ speaks

My father’s wish is through.

The journey was no joke.

The verses have come true.

I took away man’s yoke.

He’s free now, forever,

To be best of himself.

To shine like the father,

Unleash the hidden Wealth.

A dozen guards have been

Assigned to watch o’er me.

It’s sad, their hearts are mean.

So soon, they’ll get to see

What I told them before.

That three days I’ll spend

In Hades, and in Shoel,

In might, I shall descend.

Intellect of decay

Was numbed by greater thought.

It had nothing to say.

Its mettle, it forgot.

My nail-punched palms were sealed.

The germs were maimed with fear.

My punctured rib was healed.

Bruises would disappear.

The Lights again proclaim

Go forth one of our own.

Praises, it’s time to sing.

Go forth and roll the stone

To herald master’s win.

Jesus conquers the grave.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

The lost, he came to save.

Amen, Amen, Amen.