The Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs has condemned the rioting and violence in the wake of the 2020 general election as it calls for calm.

Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI, president of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, in a press release, said the electoral process was governed by laws urging those in disagreement to use appropriate procedures to seek redress.

“We believe that these events will undermine the fundamental peace and freedom on which our country is founded and that which we all currently enjoy.”

He said the election has been hailed as a success by observers stressing that such acts did not augur well for the peace and unity.

It said such acts could stoke disunity, division and hatred- traits and must not be encouraged.

“Ghana has earned the respect and admiration of many other nations due to the peaceful and lawful manner in which a previous election dispute was resolved.

“We, therefore, not only condemn these acts of violence and criminality but request that all well-meaning Ghanaian people who love this great nation should desist from engaging in them,” it said.

“It is our collectively responsibility to ensure that this country remains peaceful and continues to be a beacon of hope in Africa.

“Ghana is our only home so let us work together to ensure that, in the words of our national anthem, Ghana remains great and strong,” the statement said.

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