Residents of Abosomtwe Agya, a suburb of Konongo in the Ashanti Region, who hitherto battled with water scarcity can now heave some sigh of relief following the provision of potable drinking water by Engage Now Africa, a non-governmental organisation.

The community with a population of over 5,000 has been depending on a polluted river as a source of drinking water and for other purposes including farming.

Residents also compete with animals for the same source of water.

Running water carries mud and other debris including human excreta into the river especially when it rains exposing residents to skin and water-borne diseases.

Addressing a gathering to commission a mechanised borehole for the community, Country Director for Engage Now Africa, Cecilia Amankwah, said it was part of the NGO’s service to humanity to ensure that everyone gots potable drinking water.

She said the NGO has made the provision of water as part of its core programmes to support communities and families to pursue their dreams.

cecilia amankwa-water

She adds that their main program of water provision focuses on the three northern regions where it has been able to provide over 40 mechanised boreholes.

She thanked its donor partners who have been supporting their projects over the years.

‘’Our main vision is to help uplift, deliver and to heal our African brothers and sisters through education, medical services and also eradication of modern slavery. We don’t only drill water for those in the southern part of the country,” she said.

A leader of women group in Abosomtwe Agya, Madam Martha Afiriyie, said the project will increase the use of clean water for drinking and food preparation and awareness of good hygiene practices by children and families.

The Adontenhene of Konongo, Nana Karikari Apaw on behalf of the chiefs and people of Konongo expressed profound gratitude to Engage Now Africa for the provision of safe drinking water for the area.

He noted that the provision of potable water to the community would make it easier for teachers and nurses to accept postings to the area to improve the educational and health status of the people and reduce the long distances children had to walk to get water.

He urged members of the community to improve their participation in the ownership and maintenance of the facilities through community sensitisation, mobilisation, training in water maintenance and hygiene to ensure its sustainability.


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