The country was thrown into a state of shock after receiving the news of the gruesome murder of a ten-year-old by two teenagers at Kasoa in the Central Region.

What is even more shocking is the chilling details of how the offenders executed their cruel plan in anticipation of using body parts of the victim for money rituals (juju money).

It’s obvious the moral fabric of our society is gradually eroding at a supersonic speed. Parents and Guardians in their quest for wealth have abandoned the core responsibility of being a parent (i.e. training a child to appreciate there is a reward in the pursuit of diligent hard work, training a child about good morals and values of our society).

Today, many of our kids learn from television. They adopt and adapt to the content produced by our television stations. Unfortunately, most of these TV station are inundated with open display and promotion of juju money on our TV screens.

These juju men (spiritualists) claim to have the powers to get you money without work, charm a man or woman for love, travel illegally, win a court case with or without justice.

The activities of these juju men are constantly luring people to come to them for ritual money which we have seen in the case of the two teenagers. If the authorities in charge fail to crack the whip, it will lead to an upsurge of other related crimes including kidnappings which we have witnessed in recent times.

The National Communications Authority, the Ministry of Communications, and the National Media Commission must ensure they bring sanity back to our television station.

I ask the media commission to immediately place a ban on all such programmes on TV with immediate effect as is applicable within the law and equally call on the police to arrest and interrogate the activities of these spiritualists.

The National Media Commission should consider these broadcast inimical to the well-being of our country. It is evil, and potentially post a doom to Mother Ghana and her culture of hard work, honesty and patriotism.

Any further delay in cracking the whip would tarnish the image of the country as some would believe Ghana is a nation where young ones are sacrificed for monetary pleasures.

What is also happening is evidence of the harsh economic conditions Ghanaians are going through under the Akufo Addo-led administration.

The situation is even direr for the youth. The President, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo must ensure the provision of sustainable jobs to help prevent the youth from patronizing the services of juju men.