The family of a 32-year-old Laadi Takora, the female victim who survived the alleged hit-and-run accident involving Deputy Upper East Regional Minister, wants an out of court settlement.

Laadi and 37-year-old Robert Aboley were riding on a motorbike last week Thursday at about 8 p.m, when a vehicle being driven by the Deputy Minister, Daniel Syme hit them. Robert sustained severe injuries and died later at the Bolgatanga Government Hospital.

Eyewitnesses claimed Mr. Syme, initially, left the victims at the accident scene and drove off. He returned to the scene several minutes later.

Family of the deceased is demanding criminal action be taken against the Deputy Minister for his action after the incident.

Mr. Syme, in a rejoinder to a publication, admitted driving the vehicle which hit the persons but said: “I never intended to, and it would never have crossed my mind to run away as alleged in the said account of the events.”

But Joe Takora, brother and spokesperson for the family of the female victim has told Joy News they were satisfied that Mr. Daniel Syme has settled all debts they incurred as a result of the accident.

Joe said they were also pleased with the remorse shown by the culprit after he gave the family some GH₵1,500 in addition to an amount of GH₵300, the Minister gave the family while Laadi was on admission at the Bolgatanga Government Hospital.


Laadi Takora on the hospital bed.

He said the amount paid by the Deputy Minister was far in excess of what was spent on his sister’s medical expenses as well as what she lost in her bag as a result of the accident.

“The hospital bill was 517 Ghana cedis and the money she lost in the bag was 850 [Ghana cedis]. But in all, the Minister came and gave the family 1,500 Ghana cedis…”

“That is enough to settle the bills and [leaving the family with] extra money to take care of her,” he told Joy News’ Correspondent Albert Sore.

Meanwhile, the Upper East Regional Motor Traffic Transport Department of the Police Service has provisionally charged the Deputy Regional Minister with careless and inconsiderate driving, for his role in the accident which claimed one life.

The MTTD Commander, Daniel Kwao Tei told Joy News his outfit was still investigating the case and would forward the findings to the Attorney General for advice.