NutriDay Yoghurt, the innovative Zinc-fortified yoghurt from FanMilk, has supported the Muslim community during this year’s holy month of Ramadan.

FanMilk PLC, producers of NutriDay Yoghurt, visited the Madina-Zongo Mosque in Accra, and the Asawasi Central Mosque in Kumasi, to present free products to the leadership of the mosque, and serve worshippers who congregated after breaking the day’s fast.

The brand plans to serve 10,000 people in mosques in Accra and Kumasi over the period.

Speaking at the event, the company’s Customer Marketing Manager, Abdul Razak Suleman, wished all worshipers a blessed Ramadan and explained that NutriDay is a good choice for breaking the daily fast.

“NutriDay yoghurt is a nutritious and delicious yoghurt that contains vitamins and nutrients for overall well-being. It is good for breaking the daily fast and you can have NutriDay with fruits or just drink it alone, or even with meals. In addition to vitamin A, B-Complex, and Calcium, NutriDay contains Zinc which supports the immune system”, he added.

At the Asawasi Central Mosque in Kumasi, the Regional Head, Faisal Adama, made a presentation and prayed for blessings for all Ghanaians.

In April 2021, FanMilk introduced NutriDay yoghurt to help keep Ghanaians healthy during Covid, and since then the company has been consistent with activities to impact the community positively.

In May of the same year, NutriDay visited the 37 Military Hospital to put a smile on the face of new mothers and children by sharing products and other goodies on Mothers’ Day.

When schools reopened later in the year, NutriDay visited basic schools and served 150,000 school children with the nutritious yoghurt.

This Ramadan donation is the latest way in which NutriDay yoghurt is helping to keep Ghanaian families strong every day.