Fast-forward Sports Company, a subsidiary company of Fast-forward Stores owned by Smart Mark Limited has promised to continue to provide jobs for Ghanaian youth.

According to its Chief Executive Officer, John Onyeoguzoro, his outfit will engage more Ghanaians to support economic growth through provision of quality goods.

Speaking to Joy Business at the launch of its new ultra- modern sports store at the Accra Mall, he revealed that the company has already employed a number of youth in other sectors of the economy.

“We aim to provide jobs for Ghanaian youth across the country. We have done this previously and will continue to do it for others”, he said.

He further mentioned that the company is offering up to date, high tech and fashionable sports apparel, footwear and accessories.

“Fast-forward is your one stop shop for anything sports or fashion”, he stressed.

Mr Onyeoguzoro also said the company will give off the best services such as hands on-in-store training on the use of its products and good customer services.

He also described the Ghanaian market as large and one that can support the growth of the company

“After the pandemic [Covid-19], it’s not been easy, but Ghana has a big market and has survived the pandemic that’s why we chose Ghana”.

“At fast-forward, we also give you the best of customer service you need. We will help our customers to understand the usage of our product”, he added.

Fast-forward is a fusion of sports, fashion and lifestyle that engage various prestigious brands across the world.

It provides the biggest sports brands in the world under one roof with product department across athletics, football, lifestyle wear, basketball and training for both men and women.