The Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo-Prampram has taken a jibe at a section of Ghanaians who are against the “#FixTheCountry” campaign.

According to Sam Nartey George, although anybody has the right to oppose the campaign, it must be acknowledged that the government has failed to fulfil its promise to relieve Ghanaians of hardship.

Speaking to Benjamin Akakpo on the AM Show Thursday, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP stated that those Ghanaians who are against the campaign are “not worthy to be citizens of the country”.

“And for me if you have a problem with the #FixTheCountry, your citizenship must be revoked,” he emphasised.

For him, irrespective of the great works accomplished by former President John Dramani Mahama, the outbreak of Covid-19 exposed the weaknesses in the country’s systems.

He further stated that the sporadic increment of taxes and hike in cost of other basic economic needs have triggered the campaign, thus, government must heed the call of the people.

“I heard the Finance Minister say his five-week stay in the US has opened his eyes to the need for improved health infrastructure in the country. I am shocked that it took the near-death experience of the Minister to realise what the ordinary Ghanaian has been going through [all these years].”

“This is the seventh time fuel prices have been increased in this year alone, but how many times have salaries been increased?” he quizzed.

On his part, Stephen Amoah, the Nhyiaeso MP, who was also on the show, wondered whether there is any country in the world that does not need fixing.

According to him, even the developed countries need fixing at any point in time.

Mr Amoah agreed that Ghanaians are facing hardships for which reason the country needs fixing, but indicated that things are better than they were when the opposition NDC was in power.

“The statement “FixTheCountry” is only confirming or underpinning our responsibility as a government. I don’t see anything wrong with the expression. Yes, there is hardship, but I don’t think the hardship is worse than what pertained in the NDC’s tenure in government,” he stated.