Kalybos, Fynny Face and Bismark The Joke

Funny Face has slammed comedians Bismark The Joke, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin and Kalybos for allegedly spreading falsehood about him.

According to Funny Face, these colleagues of his have been talking behind his back destroying his name to other people.

He explained that despite all the good things he has done for Bismark The Joke, including bringing him onto his comedy series ‘Cow and Chicken’, he is going about allegedly disgracing him and claiming ownership of the series.

Taking to Instagram, he highlighted some of the things he has done for Kalybos including promoting his crafts and landing him a woman.

Funny Face said that regardless of the lies Lil Win publicly told about him, he still chose to forgive and move on.

However, these comedians he said, are still not appreciative of all the things he helped them with, prior to and during their conflicts.

In a viral video, Funny Face said they have betrayed him.

“Funny Face you’ve been destroyed for too long come out, Lil Win, Kalybos, Bismark The Joke, what have I done to you?”

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At a point in any MAN’s LIFE .. you have to be a Man .. and fight for ur LEGACY .. enough is enough 🙏❤️🇬🇭 Saaaaaawwwwww is abt to over you all .. one by one .. FAKE ASS NIGGAS ! KASOA VANDAMME “ EI GO OVER YOU “ POKUASE STEVEN SEAGAL .. KALYBOS , BISMARK THE JOKE , LIL WIN .. BE WARNED !! 😡

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