Dear Castro Undafyre,

Today is July 6, 2021.
You’ve been ‘gone’ 7 whole years, man!
In other jurisdictions, the police would have brought some closure to your ‘disappearance’ by now. But those same jurisdictions also have cold case files so who knows, this just might have been one of those. So many questions, contradictions and scanty accounts Chale.

While some believe you are still alive and cooling off somewhere, others believe there’s more to this drowning story than meets the eye. Do all the statements from those interviewed at the Safari confirm you were truly on a Jet Ski as claimed? Is it true there was at least one person who said otherwise but seems to have disappeared?

Did Ghana Police Service go to sleep on this issue or did they have a “reason” to leave the matter be? Or are they still investigating? If yes, are we gonna get any kind of closure anytime soon? I vividly recall listening to musician Abrewa Nana on the radio that “fateful” day.

Abrewa Nana swore heaven and earth she was standing right by your body. She was wailing like a mother who had lost a child. She made many of us tear for you. Did the police question her, considering it would turn out later that she wasn’t even in Ada that day? Was she questioned at all? Because I am at sixes and sevens as to how she knew anything had happened to you in the first place and was on radio “mourning” and giving vivid details of what had happened. Was she probably given a certain heads up to help solidify a certain alibi? Could that alibi have been flawed under an autopsy hence the option to make you disappear? Or did you and Janet really drown?

I cannot even begin to imagine the kind of pain your friends who were there with you may be going through by now or any other time this issue comes up.
It must be hard.
It must be hard for your family too.
At some point on this painful journey, we even lost your manager, @djamesskotei!
May his soul RIP.
Are you alive Theo?
Did you and Janet really drown?
Or is there more to what we have been told?

Is it hard to end this because I cannot type “RIP”?. I just pray for the @ghpoliceservice to help us get some closure real soon.

Till then…GiveUsClosure #ShowbizAtoZ

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