Professor Dominic Fobih, Minister of Education, Science and Sports on Friday announced that various individuals and organisations made contributions towards Ghana’s participation at the FIFA World Cup tournament in Germany.

The donations received were made up of GHC 564,147 local currency as well as 5.576 million dollars and 300,000 Euros realised towards the success of the Black Stars in the 2006 World Cup Tournament.

Prof Fobih gave the overview when answering a question asked by Mr Abuga Pele (NDC-Chiana-Paga) in Parliament as to the number of sponsors and the amount each sponsor contributed towards the FIFA World Cup Tournament in Germany in 2006.

He said aside the sponsors, contributions mobilised by Ghana’s Foreign Missions abroad totalled more than 3.7 million dollars while the Ghana Football Association received an amount of 4.9 million dollars as prize money from FIFA after the 2006 World Cup.

Prof Fobih said following meetings with the Ministries of Education, Science and Sports and Finance, an amount of 2.5 million dollars was transferred to the Ministry of Finance as part of refund of monies advanced by the Government to the Black Stars while in Germany.

The Minister however promised to give details of the total amount received from the sponsors, together with its list to the House at a later date.

Source: GNA


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