A joint committee between Ghana and Nigeria is to be established to consider a possible Ghana-Nigeria Friendship Act to put to an end decades of retail feud among traders of both countries.

This was made known when the Speakers of Ghana and Nigeria’s Parliament issued a joint communique to that effect.

The Spokesperson of Nigeria’s House of Representative, Benjamin Kalu, said while addressing the representatives of both countries at the sending-off ceremony of Nigeria’s representatives.

“The joint committee will be established composed of members from both legislatures to expose and explore the possible passage of reciprocal legislations which could potentially be called the Ghana Nigeria Friendship Act which shall propose the Ghana-Nigeria Council.”

He also indicated that to address the consequences of Ghana enforcing the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act, 2013 (Act 865) which led to the closure of shops belonging to foreign nationals including some Nigerians, “measures will be adopted to support law-abiding traders to properly regularise the business operation to alleviate the trade challenges occasion by the alleged closure of retail stores in view of the ravaging impact of COVID-19 pandemic on businesses and families of both countries.”

Mr. Kalu lamented about the toll of the protracted feud on the relationship between Ghana and Nigeria.

“In cognisance of the negative impact, these developments could have on the brotherly relationship that has existed between our most revered countries in the sub region.”