A protest by workers of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority resulted in the grounding of flights for about three hours on Tuesday.

The move by the workers is to push government to intervene in removing all encroachers from lands belonging to the Authority.

The activities of the encroachers, according to the workers has affected their efficiency as the lands are meant to accommodate their equipment.

Earlier in the day, the workers held a protest asking the government to intervene in moving away the encroachers. 

The action by the workers resulted in the grounding of domestic flights for about three hours, thereby affecting flights at the airport.

Spokesperson for the aggrieved workers, William Amoako told JoyBusiness that work had resumed.

“All that we are saying is that, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority has vast lands that are supposed to be housing critical equipment for our work, but these lands have been encroached upon by unknown people and in some cases, people that are known.

“We will tone it down for now because we had the Aviation Minister and the deputy coming to give us an assurance that the situation will be solved”.

One of the passengers affected by the action who has been speaking to JoyBusiness recounted how he was affected by the action.

Meanwhile, Minister for National Security,  Albert Kan Dapaah has invited the aggrieved workers to a meeting to find an amicable solution to the matter.

He assured the workers that, appropriate security personnel will take over the sites.

“I am happy that today’s action is not for conditions of service but for the good of the whole country, as National security Minister I will use this opportunity to assure you that full protection will be given to these landed properties” he said.

Kan Dapaah added “I have asked your leaders to come for a roundtable meeting next Monday so that we can find an amicable solution to the matter, with this, I will urge you all to give peace a chance.

“Let’s give peace a chance and wait for the necessary way forward from Monday” he concluded.