Domestic and International flights at Ghana’s airports could see disruptions as the Union and Professional Association of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) is threatening to withdraw some critical services from Monday.

Spokesperson of the Union and Professional Association of the (GCAA) William Amoako said, “We are going to first withdraw some administrative services. Our safety inspectors, finance and engineering will not provide certain services on Monday, hoping that our issues will be addressed.”

He said, “If it is not, come Tuesday we will withdraw some services for flight operations starting with domestic Airlines, which means that if you want to fly to Tamale, Takoradi, Kumasi or any place within, you cannot do it”

The threat to withdraw services comes in the wake of ongoing agitations by the Union for the government to cease construction on some Ghana Civil Aviation lands among other issues.

According to the Union, some of the GCAA lands around La Wireless and Nkwantanang areas had been taken over by the government whiles some had been sold to individuals.

William Amoako said, “Our lands are being taken for non-aviation purposes and cardinal among them is that the construction work going on in these areas is giving us serious challenges.”

He added, “In certain areas, for instance, our fibre optic cables and communication cables are cut which causes us to lose communication with flights and this can cause trouble when an air traffic controller is not able to communicate with an aircraft within his airspace.”

These actions Mr Amoako said will be rescinded should government halt construction on their lands and also address their request of having the current board Chairman removed.

However, negotiations and discussions between the Union, The Aviation Minister and the Management of GCAA is still on-going.

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