One of Ghana’s largest Pharmaceutical Company, Tobinco Pharmaceuticals says the company as well as other local pharmaceutical manufacturers are ready to produce Covid-19 vaccines in the country.

This follows the selection of Ghana as a promising manufacturing hub for vaccines in Africa by the European Union three weeks ago.

However, in an interview with Joy News, Group Chairman of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Nana Amo Tobbin, explained that government’s support was crucial to the success of this production.

“With the manufacturing of vaccines in Ghana, with the support of Government, it is possible. Unless the government, our dear president Akufo-Addo supports the local industry it won’t be possible…We have all the things in place to do that,” he said.

Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey also expressed hopes of seeing Ghana’s local manufacturers produce the vaccines, in a speech he delivered at the launch of the Entrance Pharmaceuticals month.

“It is my fervent hope that the Tobinco group and this factory will be ready for the opportunity for manufacturing know how and cooperation from tried and tested Covid-19 producers, will be fully shared to enable you produce the vaccines locally,” he said.

Dr Tobbin took the opportunity to call on Parliament to issue a legislative instrument that will ban the importation of malaria drugs and promote locally produced malaria products.

“We are asking them to ban the importation of it. It means that we are telling them to give the malaria products to the local industry.”