A Ghanaian student, Mr Musah Frimpong, who graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Tsinghua University, in China, has been recognised by the University.

Mr Frimpong majored in International Development and Governance at the School of Public Policy and Management, at Tsinghua University.

At the graduation ceremony held in June for 2,279 Doctorates and 5,728 Master’s degree students, the President of the University, Professor Qiu Yong’s shared Musa’s story with the over 6,000 students and 5,000 family and friends, who were gathered at the school’s stadium.

He recounted how Mr Frimpong during his time at the University succeeded in founding and registering the first African startup – DUAPA AFRICA in Haidian Pioneer Park, inside the famous Zhongguancun High Tech area, and his contribution also as the immediate past General Secretary of the African Students Association in the University.

He praised him for being a true model and embodiment of the University’s values and spirit of self-confidence, commitment, vision, execution and social contribution.

“I am very impressed by Mr Frimpong’s interest in promoting exchanges between China and Africa, especially Ghana. He has acted on his own, by starting a business, which he began to operate in China,” Prof Qiu said.

Professor Qiu said, “your future is very bright, I will help you make a publicity, you are the first African entrepreneur to start a business in Haidian Pioneer Park.”

The President said at an event in Beijing in June this year that, Mr Frimpong was nominated as “African Man of the Year” and that was pretty great, I have never been to Africa, so I promise I will try my best to visit the fascinating continent as soon as possible, including Ghana.”

“Mr Frimpong has since sparked into national fame across China through his activities and numerous travels across China and especially since the recent commencement ceremony which was followed by hundreds of millions across China,” he noted.

Professor Qiu said, he was seen as a model of African and foreign nationals’ contributing to the Chinese society and as a bridge between Africa and China.

He has won several recognitions across China within the Chinese, African and international communities.

Mr Frimpong founded DUAPA AFRICA (officially known as Beijing Shining Consulting Co. Ltd.) in April 2018 with three others from Cameroon, Mali and Kenya and they have since implemented various socioeconomic empowerment projects across China, working with African embassies in China, the African community in China and some powerful Chinese companies and institutions whilst driving Africa-China economic and cultural exchanges.

He said DUAPA AFRICA won ‘The Third Price’ award in the 2019 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition for foreign students in China, held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and also won the ‘Youth Development Award’ in the 2019 Pride of Africa Asia Pacific Awards held in Beijing.

DUAPA’s presence and activities in China has inspired a movement of African and foreign students and talents in China to be more integrated into the socioeconomic activities especially entrepreneurial, startup and job seeking exploits of the Chinese society.

The team had managed to attract the attention and partnership of many reputable companies, institutions and embassies, with whom they are working on a number of trade, investment and development activities in Ghana, Africa and China.

Mr Frimpong graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and served as a Field Officer for the African Union Youth Volunteers Corps programme at the African Union Commission headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 2015-2017, before moving to China for his studies.

He is also Co-founder of Youth Without Borders Ghana and General Secretary for the Ghana Muslim Mission.

Mr Frimpong, who had this remarkable achievements despite many obstacles in his two year stay in China, expressed the hope that this would serve as an example and motivation for many Ghanaians, Africans and foreigners, especially the youth in China and people everywhere not to look at their inadequacies and challenges but to use whatever they have to pursue their dreams backed by self-confidence, vision and action.