Under duress from "a ghost", a 28-year old man has turned himself in and confessed to serial killings.

“I have killed two taxi drivers, one at Derma near Bechem and the other one in Oda after which I stole their taxi cabs as well,” he confessed to his own relief.

Described by Police as a notorious serial killer, Victor Amewugah said his confession followed several days of haunting and attacks from the ghost of one of his victims.

He says the attacks were so severe, it became unbearable.

“The ghost of the second man is wild. I see him all the time in my dreams; one time he slapped me. I just couldn’t take the torment anymore so I had to confess to someone. That is why I told my friend who also informed the police,” said Amewugah.

He expressed regret adding that he is now convinced that there is no evil hidden under the sun and that all evil will be exposed.

Victor Amewuga  who spoke to Adom FM’s reporter, Kwaku Abrampa of Ark FM in Sunyani, admitted that greed was his motivation in the killing and used the vehicles he stole from the victims after he murdered them.

The Sunyani Police Publice Relations Officer A.S.P Chistopher Tawiah explained that Amewugah had been on the wanted list of the Sunyani police for some time now for the murder of 29 year old taxi driver Isaac Owusu.

He said police later found the body of the deceased badly mutulated.

“Preliminary investigation in the matter revealed that the suspect was driving the deceased taxi cab with registration AS 646-13 at Akim Abenase in the Eastern Region even at the time of his arrest," the Police said.