Gospel artiste, Empress Gifty, has stated that the hard work and musical productions of gospel musicians will not see the light of day without financial support.

According to her, several gospel singers are unable to meet the financial demands relating to their productions because gospel music lovers and members of the church fail to support their ministries with cash.

Speaking in an interview with Joy Entertainment’s Ibrahim Ben-Bako, Empress Gifty bemoaned the lack of financial support for gospel musicians, adding that their songs usually do not reach the expected audience because they are unable to grease palms.

Speaking at the launch of Celestine Donkor’s maiden EP dubbed ‘Testimony Therapy’, Empress Gifty said their colleagues doing secular music receive better monetary backing which helps them to push their songs.

“It’s all about money, it’s not ‘God bless you’ but it’s cash. Let’s put in so much because when you go to the circular events, when they are doing their EP launch, you would see one person who would just get up and say ‘I will give $3,000, I will give $5,000’ but when it comes to gospel, everybody wants to sit down, fold his or her hands watching you.”

“Everything we are doing; the craft, the creativity is all about money. If we want this EP to go far, I beg everybody, after you posting, liking and sharing, streaming and watching and watching the video, please send her momo. Let her send you the bank account and push something into it so that she can do more,” she appealed.

Meanwhile, the songstress has revealed that she spent about $40,000 on her newly released music video for her song ‘Eyɛ Woa’.

“I want quality things, I want beautiful things,” the gospel singer said, explaining why she spent huge sums of money on her videos.

She stated that people are usually taken aback by the monies she spends on her videos, mostly because they are in dollars.

She stressed in an interview with Loops GH TV that spending money is necessary in order not to compromise on quality.