The Anglican Bishop of Accra Diocese, Rt. Rev. Daniel S.M. Torto says the ability of one to provide good leadership is not dependent on the faith the person belongs to.

Delivering his Easter Sunday sermon at the church where Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was the special guest, Rt Rev Torto acknowledged the unifying character of the Vice President, as well as his leadership credentials and used it to underscore his sermon on leadership.

“Your kind is the kind of political leadership we want as a nation. Leadership that recognizes that respect for people irrespective of faith, religion, or ethnicity in a manner that fosters national cohesion is what we desire and deserve as a people,” Rt Rev Torto told Dr. Bawumia.

In an apparent reference to naysayers who are of the view that members of certain faith or ethnic groups cannot provide good leadership for the country, the Bishop shot down such assertions with Biblical references.

“Good leadership is not about what faith one belongs to. It is not about whether one belongs to a minority tribe, ethnicity or faith. In fact, for us as Christians, the best gift God gave us did not come from a majority tribe or ethnic group. Neither did it come from the rich family.”

“Otherwise the Virgin Mary would not have been the one to give birth to Jesus. Mary and Joseph also came from minority and non-recognizable tribes and families and yet they gave birth to the savior.”

Taking inspiration from his Biblical narrative, Rev told the Vice President that God has lifted him from his humble beginning to where he is now for a purpose, and there is more ahead of him.

“I know God brought you from your humble beginning to this point for a purpose. Be assured that his purpose for you in life on this earth is not yet done. Therefore do not be perturbed by the sayings of those who can only talk doom for your future.”