Government is yet to secure the crucial funding for fuel to power the much anticipated Karpower barge expected to ease the country's power crisis, Joy News has gathered.

The 225MW emergency power barge is expected to arrive in Ghana on Friday to help address the current energy crisis.

It would be recalled that the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation indicated they had guaranteed the payment for the fuel subject to clearance from another financial institution. But it seems that confirmation has not been completed.

Head of Joy News’ nergy desk Israel Laryea explained that the delay was as a result of a slight hold-up involving two banks that were expected to provide the guarantee.

Meanwhile, another bank has been given that responsibility and Joy News sources say the bank is very close at providing the guarantee.

The Karpower barge is expected to sell power at 12 cent per unit which is equivalent to 44 pesewas.

Customers would have to bear the full cost, and with service providers and Public Utility Regulatory Commission arguing for the need to increase tariff, upward adjustment of electricity should be expected.

Gov't yet to secure guarantee for Karpower fuel

Ghana has been experiencing severe power crisis for years now

Meanwhile, the Power Ministry indicated yesterday that consumers will have to endure an increased loading shedding due to the shutdown of the Ghana gas supply to Aboadze.

Joy News is learning the emergency load shedding will end by this weekend as the tie in of the African Middle East Investment (AMERI) plants to Ghana gas is close to completion.

Joy News’ Kweku Owusu Peprah reporting from Aboadze in the Western region confirmed that the connection has been done – tie-in and wielding.

The integrity of the joint is being study to establish whether everything is alright, he was informed. Report on the analysis is expected to be ready later today.


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